We answer historical questions for individuals and institutions:

  • For a novelist:  What was Mrs. Lincoln’s Chicago neighborhood like?
  • For a collectibles company:  Did “Good King Wenceslaus” wear a crown?
  • For a scholar:  Can you get me copies from an unpublished manuscript about the French navy’s role in the Crimean War?
  • For a developer:  This old building was a theatre, but what kind?

Some other questions we’ve researched:

  • Does my home have a connection to Ernest Hemingway?
  • Did Great-Aunt Mona drive an ambulance in World War I?
  • My grandfather was killed in 1917, can you get more information?
  • Can you find more about the first woman to compete in the Mackinac Island yacht race?
  • Where is my mother buried?
  • Was my ancestor related to Ethan Allen?
  • I want to interview a staffer from the New York office of Apple Records in the 1960s, is she still alive?

What’s your question? See Project Parameters for more information on commissioning work.

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  1. Peter Green

    Grace, We talked earlier about the Clark St building and I will get back to you as soon as my client signs off, Best, Peter Green



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